Floor Speech on Departure of Senior Advisor & Director of Member Services Michael Long

May 14, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered remarks on the Floor of the House of Representatives in recognition of the service of Michael Long, Senior Advisor and Director of Member Services for the Office of the Speaker.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks:

Speaker Pelosi.  Mr. Speaker, it is with great pride and some emotion that I rise to honor an outstanding and long-standing member of my staff, who has been a pillar of my office for nearly fifteen years: my Senior Advisor and Director of Member Services, Michael Long.  

To Members of Congress and all who work and serve in this Chamber, the name Michael Long is synonymous with excellence.  Michael is a coalition-builder and a communicator, a liaison and a leader with extraordinary –  

Speaker Pro Tempore.  Will the gentlelady cease for a moment.  Thank you very much.  You may continue. 

Speaker Pelosi.  Michael is a coalition-builder and communicator, a liaison and a leader with extraordinary talent for forging enduring, effective connections both within and outside the Capitol.  I’ve watched him with great pride over the years as he welcomed young people to the Capitol, including the Boy Scouts – as an Eagle Scout himself, showing his leadership from early on.  

Whether it's communication with his many friends and admirers in the Congressional Black Caucus and with the Members across the Congress on both sides of the aisle, we all know and are grateful for his unwavering patience and perseverance and his remarkable ability to anticipate and meet the needs of Members.  Michael comes from a family that is committed to the Civil Rights Movement.  He has it in his DNA, although he's younger than the Movement.   

For this and other reasons, many of us were privileged that Michael came with us, under the leadership of Karen Bass and the Congressional Black Caucus, to Ghana.  Mr. Whip, you were a leader in that delegation and you know how moving it was.  But Michael, bringing in his DNA the spirit of his father, Isaac, who is watching down from Heaven, saw Michael be part of that historic trip.  And the whole time he wore Isaac's cufflinks, as Isaac looked down with pride.  And his mother, Naomi and sister, Veronica, looked on with love from here, taking great pride in Michael.  Mr. Whip, it's such an honor that you are in the chair as I pay tribute to Michael, a real tribute to him and his work.  

Michael has been a tremendous asset to the Speaker's office and my leadership team over the years and to the entire Democratic Caucus and to the entire Congress, ensuring we can deliver progress For The People.  He can take pride, as I do, in knowing that the key role that he has played in our passing legislation to lift up working families across America happened because of his leadership.   

While Michael's trusted presence on this Floor and on Capitol Hill will be missed, we are grateful for his service, as well as for his work as a mentor and leader to forge a path for others to follow.  Indeed, his tenure has been both historic and impactful.  

I’m making it through.  On behalf of the House of Representatives, I thank Michael Long and wish him the best in the next stages of his journey with great admiration and appreciation.  Thank you, Michael Long.    


Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance of my time.