GOP Farm Bill a Non-Starter

May 17, 2018
Tomorrow, House Republicans are bringing a cruel Farm Bill to the floor that abandons America’s farmers and ranchers who are struggling with plummeting prices and the damage of the Trump Tariffs and economic uncertainty.

The GOP bill steals food from the hungry and leaves rural communities behind – reducing $23 billion in SNAP benefits that children, seniors, students, 1.5 million veterans, 23,000 servicemembers, individuals with disabilities and working families rely on.

After the GOP tax scam’s massive giveaways to big corporations and the wealthiest, Republicans are taking food out of the mouths of families struggling to make ends meet.

Don’t take it from us.  News outlets from coast to coast agree: Republicans’ destructive Farm Bill fails America’s hard-working families.


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Rep. Rosa DeLauro [CT] Op-Ed: Farm Bill hypocrisy mean more subsidies for the rich, greater food insecurity for the poor

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WFPL: House GOP Farm Bill Would Make It Harder To Qualify For Food Stamps


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