VIDEO: McCarthy Sides With 1/6 Deniers, Refuses to Meet Officer Injured During Insurrection

May 18, 2021
‘Lies’ Calls Out McCarthy’s Unwillingness to Sit Down with Officer Fanone

As Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy attempts to block the creation of a bipartisan commission to examine January 6th, the Republican Leader is also refusing to set a meeting with a DC police officer hoping to share his story from the day of the insurrection.

Officer Mike Fanone was beaten with a flag pole, concussed, and suffered a heart attack and horrendous wounds while protecting the Capitol from insurrectionists on January 6th. But despite claiming that he’s open to meeting with Officer Mike Fanone, McCarthy’s office has refused to set a date for a meeting – all while supporting the lies members of his conference and former President Trump continue to tell about the insurrection.

Rep. Eric Swalwell led 105 Democratic members of Congress in sending a letter to McCarthy urging him to accept Officer Fanone’s meeting request to discuss the January 6th insurrection.

‘Lies’ calls out McCarthy’s continued refusal to meet with Officer Fanone.  

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‘Lies’ Transcript:

Rep. Andrew Clyde: There was no insurrection. And to call it an insurrection,  in my opinion,  is a bold faced lie. You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think  it was a normal tourist visit.

Officer Mike Fanone: Those are lies. And peddling that bull**** is an assault on every officer  that fought to defend the Capitol. It’s  disgraceful. 

Don Lemon: If you and those guys weren’t able to hold that door,  what do you think would’ve happened, Mike? 

Officer Mike Fanone: Just judging based off of the amount of violence that we experienced that fought to defend the West Terrace, I believe that that violent group  would’ve killed individuals inside of the Capitol complex. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell: As I talked to Officer Fanone, it really fires him up on behalf of the other officers who were there. And so he’s asked to meet with Kevin McCarthy, because he wants to go through his body cam footage with Kevin McCarthy to tell him what he experienced and hope that Kevin McCarthy as the leader of the Republican Party would tell his colleagues like Andrew Clyde, and Jody Hice and Paul Gosar that this was an insurrection and there were consequences for - you know - people that fed the Big Lie and the consequences were the injured and dead officers. He has an opportunity to be a leader right now. Meet with Officer Fanone, tell your caucus to stop denying the truth about January 6th and work with us to create a commission that can understand how we make sure this never happens at the Capitol again.