CNN: McCarthy Still Has Not Called Police Officer Who Fought Capitol Insurrectionists

May 19, 2021
‘This is About Wanting to Create a Myth Around January 6’

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is still refusing to set a meeting with D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone to discuss the horrors he experienced.

Officer Fanone was beaten with a flag pole, concussed, and suffered a heart attack while protecting McCarthy and other lawmakers from Capitol insurrectionists.

As CNN’s Jake Tapper and Abby Phillip explain, McCarthy’s refusal to speak with Officer Fanone is part of the Republican Leader’s attempt to downplay the insurrection and “create a myth around what happened”.  A myth that may explain why McCarthy is urging his members to vote against a bipartisan commission to study the insurrection.

WATCH CNN Clip On McCarthy’s Refusal To Meet With Officer Fanone


Jake Tapper: My understanding is Officer Fanone – that’s the Metropolitan Police Officer who’s talked to Don Lemon on CNN about his feelings, about being attacked, about the denialism – he called McCarthy’s office to talk to McCarthy.  McCarty still to this day has not called Officer Fanone even though he’s out there doing all this ‘Back The Blue’ stuff.

Abby Phillip: Yeah, it is really incredible for a political party that has made law enforcement their calling card for a long time – not just in the last year.  But even longer than that.  But again this is about avoidance of what happened. And wanting to create a myth around what happened.  Lawmakers now saying that it was like a ‘tourist trip’.  Claiming that somehow antifa and Black Lives Matter played a role.  These are all lies.  But they’re also myths that are being created to mollify the former President Trump.