Pelosi Spokesman Statement on McCarthy Resolution

May 19, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Pelosi Spokesman Drew Hammill issued this statement after Minority Leader McCarthy filed a resolution to eliminate CDC-based safety protocols in the House.

“Minority Leader McCarthy’s resolution is a sad stunt to distract from the reality: that the House Republicans are descending into pure chaos,” said Hammill.  “Today, the House is voting on a bipartisan commission to establish the truth of the January 6th insurrection and to prevent similar future attacks.  After announcing his new opposition to this commission, which was negotiated and called for by his own members, the Republican Minority Leader is throwing everything at the wall as he tries to stave off internal mutiny.

“This resolution has zero basis in science or reality,” Hammill continued.  “The Office of the Attending Physician has consistently conferred with the CDC, as recently as yesterday, as it has issued guidance.  As updated OAP guidance released today states, ‘The mask requirement for the Hall of the House is entirely consistent with Centers for Disease Control prevailing mask guidance as reviewed and endorsed by an expert CDC panel.’  Far from inhibiting our work, the mask requirement ensures that the House can debate and pass legislation safely and effectively – with over 6,200 bills filed over the past year, nearly 12,000 proxy votes cast, hundreds of remote and hybrid hearings and mark-ups, and hundreds of thousands of Member meetings held online.

“If Minority Leader McCarthy wants to be maskless on the Floor of the House of Representatives, he should get to work vaccinating his Members,” Hammill said.