At CNN's #PelosiTownhall, Leader Pelosi Speaks About Democrats' Ambitious A Better Deal Agenda

May 24, 2018
Tonight, Leader Pelosi joined Chris Cuomo for CNN’s Live Pelosi Town Hall.  The Leader spoke about the Democrats’ bold economic agenda for the future A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future which aims to increase wages, while lowering costs for hard-working families.  She highlighted the energy throughout the country mobilizing in support of this alternative to the GOP’s raw deal.

In addition, Leader Pelosi addressed the immediate need for Congress to take action and address the gun violence epidemic and protect Dreamers.

Memorable moments are below.

On the Democrats’ Bold Better Deal Agenda Versus Republicans Raw Deal

“We think the Republicans are giving the public a raw deal.  We have a Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Pay, Better Future. Part of that is lowering costs for families.”

“They [Republicans] passed a tax bill that gave 83 percent of the benefits to the top one percent.”

“A budget should be a statement of our national values, what’s important to us is how we invest … our investments are about tools for the 21st Century.”

“What's important to us as a country should be how we in invest in our investments, in our budget.  And our investments are about tools for the 21st century, preparing people so they’re not afraid of technology but they see how it can create jobs and how their families can be involved in it.  I’m very excited about it.”

“The problem is wages are stagnated.  And that is the problem.  You would think if unemployment is down, then wages would go up. … People are not making a living wage, people are still qualifying below the poverty line for assistance. ... I am for the fight for fight for 15.  We have to raise the minimum wage so that people can meet the needs of their families.  It’s about their families.”


On Fighting to Ensure Affordable Health Care for All

“Our goal is that everyone will have access to affordable care.  What the Administration has done is to make changes that are going to make premiums more expensive and that is going in the wrong direction.  We spend lots of money in research in our country at the National Institutes of Health.  We believe those biblical powers to cure should be available to everyone and that means that everyone should have access to health care in an affordable way.”


On the Necessity of Passing Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation

“Children should not have to worry about going to school where violence should occur.”

“You have to systematically stop people from having guns who shouldn’t have guns in the first place.”

“I would rather pass the background check in the Congress right now, today, than win the election because it would save lives.”

On the Importance of Small Businesses

“I believe that small businesses are, of course, the lifeblood of our economy.  It is where jobs are created capitol was formed. There is maybe nothing more optimistic than anybody can do, besides getting married, than to start a small business.”

“Why should the 83 of the benefits [of the GOP Tax Scam] go to the top one percent?  We should start with small business.”


On the Immediate Need to Protect Dreamers

“We have taken initiative.  President Obama put DACA in place.  President Trump removed it.  Which was most unfortunate because you know what?  He was the first Republican President to reject newcomers to our country.”

“We know we have to protect our borders so we understand that that is part of what we would have in the agreement.  I myself think a wall is immoral, I think it is ineffective, I think it is expensive.  I would rather the spend the money on education.  I would rather spend the money on infrastructure.  I would rather spend it on other things.”

“We are very close to having a bipartisan agreement.  We are very close to having a bipartisan agreement.  We have like 90 some percent of the Democrats and trying to get 10 percent of the Republicans to join us.”