Dear Colleague on One Year Since the Murder of George Floyd

May 25, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Today, solemnly, marks one year since the murder of George Floyd.  Almost immediately following his death, the House, led by Congresswoman Karen Bass, introduced the Justice in Policing Act.  The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act on June 25, exactly one month after George Floyd’s murder.  In this new Congress once again, we proudly passed this vital legislation.  

As Congresswoman Bass engages in negotiations on next steps, we remain hopeful that we will, in a bipartisan spirit, reach agreement and pass this legislation in its final form.  As she and Senators Booker and Scott stated yesterday, “While we are still working through our differences on key issues, we continue to make progress toward a compromise and remain optimistic about the prospects of achieving that goal.”

For more than a year, we have sadly seen the loss of so many lives due to the pandemic.  As we grieve for them, we sympathize with the families who have lost a loved one, sometimes without even having the chance to say goodbye or have a proper burial.  This deep sorrow exacerbated by economic loss has taken a toll on our country.  We want the families to know that we will always carry the memory of those lost in our hearts.  As we do so, we must salute the sacrifice of our heroes: our essential workers, who risked their lives to save lives.  As we go forth, we must keep them in our hearts and on our minds. 

As we continue our work For The People, it is with great gratitude that we salute the National Guard, as they completed the final day of their deployment to the Capitol yesterday.  They are defenders of our Democracy, whose service and presence at the Capitol Complex brought security, safety and healing to our Congress and Country during this extraordinary time.

Thank you for your patriotic leadership For The People.