McCarthy Voted No, Took the Dough

May 3, 2021
McCarthy Touts Rescue Plan Money He Forced His Caucus to Unanimously Vote Against

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the American Rescue Plan ‘socialist,’ claimed it would turn the U.S. into Venezuela, and convinced every Member of his caucus to vote against it.

He even warned the American people ‘help is not on the way.’ 

Now he’s touting the American Rescue Plan’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund to brag about bringing home the bacon. 


The American Rescue Plan is putting vaccines in arms, money in pockets, people back in jobs, and kids back in school.  It's boosting our economy and is widely popular with the American public.

No one should be surprised that McCarthy, a man with such strong principles, voted no and took the dough with the American Rescue Plan.  The only question is, which parts of the American Jobs and Families Plans will he pick to brag about?