McCarthy Has ‘Had It’ With the Truth

May 4, 2021
Minority Leader McCarthy Caught on Hot Mic Attacking Chair Cheney for Honesty About 1/6

“I’ve had it with her,” blurted Kevin McCarthy into a live mic following a Fox & Friends interview on Tuesday, as reported by Axios.  We’d be frustrated with Cheney, too, if we based our political strategy on lying to the American people.  

Apparently, refusing to bend a knee to former President Trump in support of his insurrection disqualifies Cheney for her GOP leadership post, according to McCarthy and a growing group of the House GOP Conference.  “Liz Cheney refuses to lie,” tweeted Senator Mitt Romney, attempting to close rank around Cheney’s principled stand.  It’s a shame that such acts are few and far between in today’s GOP.


While opposition to the Big Lie is a bridge too far for McCarthy, he has no qualms with his conference’s conspiracies, white nationalism and alleged sexual misconduct.

While Trump’s House GOP acolytes move to silence the truth and “cancel” Cheney, House Democrats will remain focused on Building Back Better, hard at work on the American Jobs and Families Plans.