Pelosi Statement on the Beginning of Ramadan

May 5, 2019
Press Release

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in recognition of the Holy month of Ramadan:

“The Holy month of Ramadan is a time of spirituality, reflection and joy for millions of Muslims in America and around the world.  During this sacred month, Muslim families everywhere gather together to reaffirm their faith and celebrate their proud traditions and rich heritage.

“In America, Ramadan offers us all the opportunity to express our enduring gratitude for the incredible contributions that generations of Muslims have brought to our communities.  Whether in the arts, academics, science, public service or the armed services, countless Muslim American men and women have strengthened our democracy, enriched our society and defended our nation, honoring our most cherished values of religious freedom and equal opportunity for all.

“This Ramadan, we reaffirm the fundamental truth that our diversity is our strength – diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and faiths.  As Americans, we will never allow Islamophobia or any form of religious persecution, bigotry or hate to undermine our nation or our values.  To all who observe, may this Ramadan bring happiness, wisdom and countless blessings to you and your families.  Ramadan Mubarak.”