All Over Your TV: House Republicans Voted No, Took the Dough

May 7, 2021
Press Release
Republicans Struggle to Contain Fallout from Rescue Plan Vote

House Republicans are paying a price for voting against putting vaccines in arms, money in pocket, parents in jobs, and kids in schools – a price that’s being beamed into the homes of their constituents.

Here’s a look at what Americans are watching about the House Republican scramble to take credit for the popular, life-saving and business-rescuing relief McCarthy strong-armed his caucus into voting against.

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“The reason it’s so politically potent on this bill that’s already passed is Americans have already experienced the benefits of some of the things in this bill. …Republicans are gonna either have to have a reason for why they opposed it or they’re gonna have to continue doing this dance about something they opposed but that is benefitting some of their constituents.”



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“Only one thing counts. Did they vote to send that money that they’re now touting to the American people?…

So will the same thing happen with Biden’s latest [infrastructure] plan. Republicans united in blocking it..and then later try to take credit when it’s clear that voters like it.”



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"Republicans all over the country are now promoting pieces of the very legislation that they opposed and voted against."



WATCH Take The Dough Coverage On MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show

“This is rich. New York Republican Nicole Malliotakis celebrating millions of dollars for community health centers in her New York district. Celebrating it as one of her own achievements in Congress. Even though she voted against the bill that did that.”