Dear Colleague to All Members: Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2021
Press Release

Dear Colleague,

On this Mother's Day, I write to share with you a prayer my mother, Nancy D’Alesandro, wrote for her mother.  It remains an inspiration to me.  Our mothers are our Guardian Angels, and we carry them always in our hearts, whether or not we are blessed to have them with us.

Happy Mother's Day to you and your family.




Dedicated to my Mother and all Mothers, Living and Dead

Mother, I think of you, Guardian Angel of my childhood.

Who can fathom the real meaning of the word Mother?  Whose hearts are not filled with the memory of her, who has not stopped loving us from the first moment of our existence, when like a ray of sunshine that beamed down into our cradles!  When the fingers of care and worry had not yet touched our hearts, it was Mother who was always around preventing their entrance into the holy island of Childhood.

Motherhood cannot be understood.  It has its overtones in all languages; like magic it weaves a pattern full of joys, tears, patience, love, – each exalting like music of golden bells.

Even when the word is spoken by an old man it sounds as if it comes from the lips of a child.  To try to explain we must listen to our hearts as well as our minds.  Mother teaches us to walk and play; to talk and pray.  She knows the joys of happiness, she knows the sorrows of worry, care, and heartache.  Mother is a beautiful person; when everything else in the world may change, she alone remains the same.  Others may love us; but she knows us, understand us, and will forgive us whatever we may do.  Mother is truly the living example of Christ’s sublime Sermon on the Mount, for she had Fed the hungry, Given Drink to the Thirsty, Clothed the Poor, Visited the Sick, Buried the Dead, Taught the Ignorant, and has given Solace to the Sorrowful.  In a few words Mother is God’s Co-helper, and a radiant beam from the Mother of Mercy.

Words assembled by Nancy D’Alesandro