Wages Up, Jobless Claims Down

June 10, 2021
House Democrats Continue to Deliver for Working Americans

House Democrats passed widely popular legislation to put shots in arms, money in pockets, and people back in jobs, and the results show that the Rescue Plan is continuing to put money back into the pockets of the American people. 

U.S. jobless claims fell to a new pandemic low last week as vaccinations increased and businesses continued to pick up hiring. 

Associated Press:

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell for the sixth straight week as the U.S. economy, held back for months by the coronavirus pandemic, reopens rapidly... Businesses are reopening rapidly as the rollout of vaccines allows Americans to feel more comfortable returning to restaurants, bars and shops.

The fall in jobless claims follows reports showing rising wages for millions of Americans, including a new Federal Reserve study showing increased wages for many of the workers hit hardest by the pandemic.

Yahoo Money

Wages are rising, a new study found, with the gains concentrated among new hires in low-wage service industry jobs — the ones hardest hit by the pandemic shutdowns. Wages for new hires employed in food preparation, protective services, cleaning services, and personal services were 7.7% percent higher than expected in the first quarter, according to a new paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta...Wages for the average non-supervisory worker in the industry reached $15.87 an hour in May, up from $14.81 in January — the largest five-month increase on record.

Every single House Republican voted against the policies putting Americans back in jobs and raising their wages.  Their constituents aren’t going to let them forget that – or their efforts to block the Jobs and Families Plans needed to rebuild our infrastructure and help American families get ahead.