Pelosi Statement on OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID-19 for Health Care Workers

June 10, 2021
Press Release

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement on the new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for health care workers:

“Protecting the frontline heroes who risk their lives to save others is a health, economic and moral priority for Democrats.  Since the earliest days of the pandemic, House Democrats have led the fight for strong OSHA standards to protect workers’ health and honor their sacrifice.

“The new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard for health care workers is an important first step to protect frontline workers, with strong, enforceable safety protections.

“However, OSHA’s decision to omit other frontline workers exposed to COVID-19, including farmworkers, grocery workers, workers in meat-packing facilities and those working in homeless shelters and prisons, is troubling and shortsighted.  House Democrats, led by Chairs Bobby Scott and Rosa DeLauro, will continue to fight for robust, broad safety standards that protect our heroic workers.  And we must do so in a way that addresses the inequities exposed by the pandemic, including the disproportionate exposure of workers of color to the virus.”