525 Days: The 115th Republican Congress By the Numbers

June 13, 2018
525: Days since the start of this Republican Congress as of June 11, 2018

273: Days the GOP House has been in session, 74 of which were pro-forma days in which the House gaveled in & out in a matter of minutes & no legislative business was completed

ZERO: Number of bills that have been considered under an open rule so far this Congress. The 115th Congress has broken the record for most closed rules making it the most closed Congress in history.

Only 18: Number of bills of significance enacted in first 525 days of this unproductive Congress – bills such as the Russia, Iran and North Korea Sanctions bill; VA Accountability Act; Bipartisan Budget Act; and such disastrous bills as H.R. 1, the GOP Tax Scam

2: Times Congressional Republicans have shut down the federal government so far this year

100: Percent of Republicans blocked a vote on the Pay Our Military Act (H.R. 4871), a bill to pay the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard during the January government shutdown and any potential future government shutdowns in FY 2018

69: Times House Republicans have voted to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act since 2011

4: Times the House Republicans have voted so far this Congress to repeal or undermine the Affordable

Care Act (2017 Vote #58; 2017 Vote #256; 2017 Vote #557; 2017 Vote #589)

7: Times Republicans have voted for measures attacking women’s health care so far in this Congress, including votes to pass a dangerous, unconstitutional bill that would deny women care in certain life-threatening circumstances, to pass the disastrous Trumpcare bill that attacks women’s health in numerous ways such as defunding Planned Parenthood for a year, to place restrictions on how women can spend private dollars in purchasing health insurance, to cut access to the Title X family planning program, and to put politicians between women and their doctors (2017 Vote #65; 2017 Vote #99; 2017 Vote #256; 2017 Vote #518; 2017 Vote #528; 2017 Vote #549; 2018 Vote #36)

217: Republicans voted for the disastrous Trumpcare bill, which would have resulted in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage, raised out-of-pocket health care costs for millions of American families, imposed a crushing age tax on those ages 50-64, shortened the life of the Medicare Trust Fund, gutted the protections for people with pre-existing conditions and defunded Planned Parenthood for a year

ZERO: Number of public hearings held on the House Republican-backed Trumpcare where lawmakers could have heard from outside experts on the implications and consequences of the bill, before it was reported to the House Floor

22-32 million: Number of Americans who would lose health coverage under the various iterations of Trumpcare, according to the nonpartisan CBO

5 Times: How much higher the premiums that the GOP-backed Trumpcare would force older Americans in the individual market to pay, compared to what younger Americans pay for health coverage

233: Republicans voted against an amendment requiring Association Health Plans to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment as an essential health benefit even as communities across the nation struggle to combat the opioid epidemic

85: Percent of Americans - including 76 percent of Republicans and 96 percent of Democrats – who say Congress should do more to address the issue of mass shootings, according to an American Psychiatric Association poll released on May 7, 2018

More than a million: Number of Americans who took to the streets across the country to #MarchforOurLives on Saturday, March 24 to urge Congress to take action to reduce gun violence

208: Members of Congress cosponsoring H.R. 4240, Democratic Rep. Mike Thompson’s bill to give states resources to improve their reporting to the background checks system, expand the system to cover all commercial firearm sales and close the gun show, internet and classified ad loopholes

ZERO: House Republicans joined 97 Democrats in cosponsoring Assistant Leader James Clyburn’s Background Check Completion Act (H.R. 3464) to guarantee that no gun is sold by a licensed dealer until a background check is completed

122: Members of Congress – including 8 Republicans –cosponsoring The Gun Violence Restraining Order H.R. 2598, introduced by Democratic Rep. Salud Carbajal, which would allow family members or law enforcement officials to petition a judge to temporarily remove firearms from an individual in crisis

2: Times Republicans voted to block an up-or-down vote to establish a bipartisan Select Committee on Gun Violence Prevention to study and report back common sense legislation within 60 days (2017 Vote #551; 2017 Vote #610)

227: House Republicans voted against allowing a vote to strengthen life-saving background checks and provide sensible gun violence prevention measures to keep guns out of the wrong hands

ZERO: Number of House Republicans who joined 176 Democrats in cosponsoring H.R. 3947, the Automatic Gunfire Protection Act – a bill to ban the manufacture, possession, transfer, sale or importation of bump stocks like the one used in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017

$1.8 Trillion: Amount the GOP tax scam for the rich will add to the national debt over the next ten years, according to CBO, saddling our children with the bill for their debt-exploding tax giveaways to the wealthiest

83: Percent of the tax cuts in the GOP tax scam for the rich go to the wealthiest 1 percent by 2027 – putting corporations and the richest ahead of everyone else

$3.6 billion: Amount the nation’s six largest banks saved in taxes in the first few months after the GOP tax scam became law

$70,000: Average tax cut millionaire households will see by 2025 under the GOP tax scam for the rich


86 million: Middle class families will see their taxes go up by 2027, as a result of the GOP tax scam

62: Percent of Americans that say the Republican tax scam for the rich will either have a negative impact or no effect at all on their families according to a CBS News Poll released on May 8, 2018

Only 13: Percent of the enormous tax breaks for corporations in GOP tax bill will go to workers, with virtually all of the remainder to be spent on buybacks, dividends, and mergers and acquisitions, according to an analysis by Morgan Stanley

$1.3 trillion: Tax rate break for corporations in the GOP tax bill, in addition to more loopholes for special interests to exploit

$1.50: Amount per week Speaker Ryan bragged about handing to workers – at the same time his tax scam gives away billions and billions of dollars to corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent

77: Percent of Americans who say Dreamers should be allowed to stay in the United States and eventually apply for citizenship

22,000: Dreamers have lost their protected status since President Trump ended DACA and Speaker Ryan and GOP leaders have failed to protect them by passing the DREAM Act

27: Times House Republicans blocked a vote on H.R. 3440, the bipartisan DREAM act, which protects innocent Dreamers and gives them a path to citizenship (2017 Vote #442; 2017 Vote #457; 2017 Voice Vote; 2017 Vote #486; 2017 Vote #532; 2017 Vote #538; 2017 Vote #546; 2017 Vote #560; 2017 Vote #572; 2017 Vote #592; 2017 Vote # 616; 2017 Vote #626; 2017 Vote #644; 2017 Vote #659; 2017 Vote #676; 2017 Vote #704; 2018 Vote #9; 2018 Vote #20; 2018 Vote #47; 2018 Vote #58; 2018 Vote #67; 2018 Vote #72; 2018 Vote #84; 2018 Vote #96; 2018 Vote #104; 2018 Vote #117; 2018 Vote #123)

216: Members – all Democrats and just two Republicans short of the needed majority - signed the discharge petition to force a vote on legislation to protect Dreamers and put an end to the cruel Republican inaction that is jeopardizing the lives of more than a million Americans

43: House Republicans signed onto H.R. 140 – an anti-immigrant bill ending birthright citizenship as guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment

30: House Republicans voted with 183 Democrats to vote down H.R. 2 - the GOP Leadership’s partisan Farm Bill

ZERO: Number of full committee hearings on Russia and the 2016 election in either the House Homeland Security Committee or Committee on House Administration – both of which have jurisdiction over election security issues

9: Times Republicans have voted to block bringing up a bill to create a bipartisan, independent, outside commission to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election (2017 Vote #26; 2017 Vote #88; 2017 Vote #93; 2017 Vote #115; 2017 Vote #197; 2017 Vote #204; 2017 Vote #259; 2017 Vote #288; 2017 Vote #600)

194: Democrats signed the discharge petition to force a vote on H.R. 356, to establish the National Commission on Foreign Interference in the 2016 Election

8: Times Republicans have blocked a vote on a bill to require Presidents and candidates for President to disclose their tax returns (2017 Vote #62;  2017 Vote #103; 2017 Vote #199; 2017 Vote #217; 2017 Vote #224; 2017 Vote #263; 2017 Vote #290; 2018 Vote #143)

193: Democrats have signed the discharge petition to force a vote on H.R. 305, to amend the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to require any candidate of a major political party for the office of the President to submit their Federal income tax returns for the three most recent years

230: Republicans blocked a vote on a resolution to demand answers on the Trump Administration’s sprawling conflicts of interest and gross abuses of public trust

30: Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee voted against a measure to bar funding for security credentials for someone who is under investigation by a federal law enforcement agency for aiding a foreign government

2: Times Republicans have voted against allowing a vote on H.R. 5805, a bill to increase funding for VA to guarantee that veterans receive the care they deserve and ensures that the VA MISSION Act doesn’t trigger sequestration, which would put the future of veterans’ care in grave danger (2018 Vote #185; 2018 Vote #240)

231: Republicans that voted against protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from the so-called “Balanced Budget Amendment” which jeopardizes retirement and health benefits for millions of seniors and other vulnerable Americans

$500 billion:  Cut to Medicare over ten years in President Trump’s FY 2019 budget – jeopardizing care for seniors

$1.4 trillion: Cut to Medicaid over ten years in President Trump’s FY 2019 budget – jeopardizing care for families with children with disabilities, seniors in nursing homes, and low-income children and families

$214 billion: Cut to food stamps over ten years in President Trump’s FY 2019 budget – putting millions of Americans at risk of going hungry, including 20 million children, 5 million children, and 4 million disabled adults

$72 billion: Cut to Social Security Disability benefits over ten years in President Trump’s FY 2019 budget – harming many Americans with disabilities

3: Times House Republicans blocked a vote on H.R. 685, the Bring Jobs Home Act, which ends tax breaks for corporations sending jobs overseas, and creates new incentives to create good-paying jobs here in the United States (2017 Vote #312; 2017 Vote #339; 2017 Vote #393

2: Times Republicans voted to prevent a vote on H.R. 2475, which creates millions of jobs by investing $100 billion in the physical and digital infrastructure needs of our schools (2017 Vote #325; 2018 Vote #217)

3: Times Republicans voted to prevent a vote on H.R. 2933, a bill to expand funding and access to work-based learning programs and apprenticeships to give American workers the tools they need to succeed in the 21st Century economy (2017 Vote #354; 2017 Vote #410; 2018 Vote #169)

229: Republicans voted for a GOP anti-worker bait-and-switch bill that undermines the existing right to hard-earned overtime pay – giving employers the flexibility to substitute overtime pay with comp time, while giving employees no guarantee they can use their comp time when they need it

233: Republicans voted to gut the Dodd-Frank Act’s Wall Street reforms, roll back key consumer protections and take us back to the pre-2008 era of unchecked, risky financial market abuses that resulted in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression

93: Percent of Republicans voted to allow Internet service providers to collect and sell Americans’ sensitive personal information without consent

4: Times House Republicans blocked bringing up a bill to rescind President Trump’s dangerous and unconstitutional Muslim and Refugee Ban (Congressional Record H717; 2017 Vote #68; 2017 Vote #70; 2017 Vote #74)

99: Percent of Republicans voted to block a vote on a bill to strengthen working families and the economy by ensuring access to paid sick leave

229: Republicans voted to block consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help close the gender wage gap, with women on average still earning only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men

13: House Republicans have cosponsored legislation to eliminate the Department of Education (H.R. 899)