Pelosi Statement on the 7th Anniversary of DACA

June 15, 2019

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement to mark the seventh anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative:

“Seven years ago, our proud, courageous Dreamers were given the freedom to continue to strengthen and enrich our communities, our democracy and our nation when President Obama established the DACA initiative.  These hard-working men and women bring their talents, imagination and determination to our country in pursuit of the American Dream, and in the process make America more American.

“Our Dreamers are American in every way but on paper.  Yet, by cruelly ending DACA, the Trump Administration brought fear and uncertainty into the lives of countless Dreamers.  House Democrats are honoring our promise, and their bravery, by ensuring Dreamers can continue to bless our nation.  This month, our Democratic Majority passed H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act to protect our nation’s Dreamers and allow them to contribute fully to our communities while providing a pathway to citizenship.  This legislation passed because of the overwhelming support the American people have for our Dreamers.  Now, the Senate must listen to the American people and bring this critical legislation up for a vote.

“Our nation’s Dreamers are our teachers, students, medical professionals, first responders, entrepreneurs, and servicemembers.  We owe it to them and to our future to honor our heritage as a nation of immigrants and embrace the diversity that strengthens our country.  House Democrats will never waver in our mission to finally secure meaningful, humane and comprehensive immigration reform, while we work to build a brighter future for all those who call America home.”


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