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November 16, 2021 Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that the U.S.

November 13, 2021 Blog
McCarthy has stayed silent as Members of his conference post murder fantasies about fellow Members of Congress and elicit death threats against Republicans who backed President Biden's landmark infrastructure bill. 
November 12, 2021 Press Release
As we indicated at the time of the vote, we are on a path to be further fortified with numbers from the Congressional Budget Office. 
November 12, 2021 Blog
Local papers in red districts continue to celebrate President Biden and Democrats’ plan to create millions of good-paying jobs and rebuild the middle class by rebuilding America’s infrastructure.  With Democrats historically popular infrastructure bill generating local headlines like, “Joblessness drops, more federal cash on the way,” the 200 House Republicans who blindly put party above their constituents are either hiding from their districts or lying to cover their tracks.
November 11, 2021 Press Release
Today, our Congressional delegation concluded a successful visit to the COP26 in Glasgow with a strong and galvanizing message: as President Biden has said, America is Back!” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
November 11, 2021 Press Release
On Veterans Day, Americans come together in gratitude for the courageous heroes who have answered our nation’s call to serve. 
November 10, 2021 Press Release
Today, our Congressional delegation was honored to convey America’s strong commitment to climate action under the leadership and vision of President Biden.