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August 26, 2020 Press Release
“One hundred years ago, the work of generations of American women was realized when the 19th Amendment was finally adopted and enshrined in our Constitution. Today, we honor the legacy of the trailblazing suffragists, including countless unsung women of color whose struggle for suffrage continued for decades, who fought to take their rightful place as full and equal citizens in our democracy, and in the process, moved our nation forward."
August 25, 2020 Press Release
Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss the more than 100 days since the House passed the Heroes Act, the House’s bipartisan passage of the Delivering for America Act to save the U.S. Postal Service and other news of the day.
August 25, 2020 Press Release
The Heroes Act achieves all of these critical goals For The Children and more. Yet, Republicans have fallen short. They have refused to recognize the true needs of the American people during the pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis.
August 24, 2020 Press Release
We want to begin this hour with Democratic Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Madam Speaker, thank you so much for joining me this hour. We appreciate your time.
August 23, 2020 Press Release
Coronavirus Update: 100 days since passage of Heroes Act. 4.2 million more infected. 89,000 more dead.
August 22, 2020 Press Release
Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I thank the gentlelady for yielding and her kind words of introduction, but I most importantly want to thank her for being the champion, the champion for the – in defense of the Postal Service.
August 22, 2020 Press Release
Speaker Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference today in the Capitol Visitor Center.
August 21, 2020 Press Release
Hello, I’m Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. I have the privilege of representing parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. I also serve as the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform in the House of Representatives.
August 20, 2020 Press Release
Thank you for the strong participation of the House Democratic Caucus in the Day of Action to Save the Post Office this Tuesday. More than 100 Members participated in events, and the action of our Caucus representing the concerns of the American people has made a tremendous difference.