One Month Later: McCarthy Breaks Promise to Meet With Officer Injured on January 6th

June 15, 2021
McCarthy Breaks Promise He Made While Standing at Memorial to Fallen Police Officers

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

More than one month after publicly promising to meet with Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone to discuss the horrors he experienced on January 6th, Minority Leader McCarthy’s office has not even reached out to Officer Fanone to set up a meeting.

During the January 6th Capitol insurrection, Officer Fanone was beaten with a flag pole, concussed and suffered a heart attack while protecting McCarthy and other lawmakers from violent Trump supporters.

McCarthy promised to meet with Officer Fanone during National Police Week while standing in front of a national monument to fallen police officers.


Just days after making his empty promise to Officer Fanone in May, McCarthy and his Leadership team publicly urged their Conference to vote against creating a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack.  175 Republican Members of the House – more than four-fifths of the GOP Conference – voted NO.

Last week, a Capitol Police Officer joined PBS NewsHour with Judy Woodruff, where he described Republican efforts to downplay the attack as ‘deplorable.’  Family members of Officer Brian Sicknick have publicly expressed their ‘disgust‘ at Congressional Republicans for blocking the creation of a bipartisan 1/6 commission.

The hundreds of law enforcement officers who bravely defended the Capitol to protect the lives of everyone inside the complex that day deserve more from Kevin McCarthy and Congressional Republicans.