Ask McCarthy: Why Won’t He Shake Officer Fanone’s Hand?

June 17, 2021
Press Release
House Republicans Follow Minority Leader’s Lead in Disrespecting Hero Officer

From the Speaker’s Press Office

One month after Minority Leader McCarthy broke his promise to meet with D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, Members of his Conference are following his lead in refusing to shake hands with the officer who was beaten with a flag pole, tased, and concussed while defending lawmakers from insurrectionists on January 6th.

On Thursday, Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde refused to shake hands with Officer Fanone.  He then attempted to record the officer and fled the elevator they were sharing.  A senior staff member for Republican Congressman Matt Rosendale was also “confrontational” with the officer while he attempted to meet with the 21 House Republicans who tried to block Capitol Police Officers from receiving Congressional Gold Medals for their heroism on January 6th.

In May, McCarthy’s office hung up on Officer Fanone when he called to set up a meeting with McCarthy to discuss the horrors he experienced while battling insurrectionists on January 6th.  More than a month after McCarthy pledged to meet with Officer Fanone while standing in front of a memorial to fallen police officers, his office has refused to return phone calls from Officer Fanone.

McCarthy also rallied his Conference in an attempt to block a bipartisan January 6th Commission that many officers pleaded with Republicans to support.  

As his Members model his disrespect for police officers who protected the Capitol on January 6th, it’s time for McCarthy to explain why he won’t shake hands with Officer Fanone.