GOP Budget: Medicare, Medicaid Slashed to Pay for GOP Tax Scam for the Rich

June 21, 2018
Six months ago, House Republicans passed their tax scam for the rich – ransacking our children’s future to hand massive handouts to big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent

But the GOP isn’t stopping there.  House Republicans have unveiled a budget to pay for their $2 trillion tax scam for the rich with trillions of dollars in devastating cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, health care, students, veterans and working families.

Washington Post: House GOP plan would cut Medicare, Social Security to balance budget

House Republicans released a proposal Tuesday that would balance the budget in nine years — but only by making large cuts to entitlement programs, including Medicare and Social Security, that President Trump vowed not to touch.

The budget serves as an expression of Republicans’ priorities at a time of rapidly rising deficits and debt. Although the nation’s growing indebtedness has been exacerbated by the GOP’s own policy decisions — including the new tax law, which most analyses say will add at least $1 trillion to the debt — Republicans on the Budget Committee said they felt a responsibility to put the nation on a sounder fiscal trajectory.

POLITICO: House GOP budget sets up massive safety net cuts, Obamacare repeal bid

House Republican budget writers debuted an ambitious deficit-reduction plan Tuesday that would force GOP committees to cut at least $302 billion over a decade and potentially lay the groundwork for another repeal vote on Obamacare.

The GOP's sweeping budget plan is the first step toward a filibuster-proof bill that could result in real reductions to popular programs like federal student aid or low-income family block grants.

It could also deliver on conservatives' decades-old promise to rein in entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

The Hill: House GOP 2019 budget calls for deep Medicare, Medicaid spending cuts

House Republicans offered a budget proposal on Tuesday that would cut mandatory spending by $5.4 trillion over a decade, including $537 billion in cuts to Medicare and $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and other health programs.

On Medicare, the budget would move towards a system of private health insurance plans competing with one other, rather than the current open-ended, government-provided Medicare system.

On Medicaid, the budget would impose new caps that could lead to cuts in payments over time.

A budget is a statement of values, and this budget shows that Republicans’ special interest agenda only values corporate and wealthy donors, not middle and working class Americans.  Democrats are fighting to deliver real, life-changing investments in the American people with A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.