Officer Fanone & Officer Sicknick’s Partner: Police Feel Abandoned By House Republicans

June 23, 2021

From the Speaker’s Press Office

As Minority Leader McCarthy continues to disrespect police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6th, officers who protected the Capitol – and their partners – are speaking out against House Republicans’ contempt for the heroes who protected their lives during January’s violent insurrection.

D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, joined Reps. Swalwell (D-CA) and Kinzinger (R-IL) on CBS This Morning to call out Congressional Republicans – and McCarthy for blocking an inquiry into the January 6th insurrection.  Unsurprisingly, McCarthy refused to comment on the story or explain why he’s broken his promise to meet with Officer Fanone.

Sandra Garza, the long-time partner of fallen Officer Brian Sicknick penned a stirring op-ed for CNN calling out Republicans for downplaying the attack and ‘re-traumatizing officers’ who defended the Capitol and their loved ones.


“I speak to a lot of police officers and that’s the overwhelming feeling is – that we’ve been abandoned.”

6.23.21 -- Fanone.jpg

Garza’s CNN op-ed

Make no mistake: All of the officers and people who were physically harmed, terrified, psychologically destabilized or lost loved ones due to that day are literally being re-traumatized every time someone speaks untrue words to describe what happened on January 6.

For those lawmakers who voted no, I will continue to speak out to remind them and those Americans who support them, of the horrors of that day and the trauma that continues in the minds of those that suffered in the battle in the very seat of American democracy. This not only includes the officers, but fellow senators and congressmen and women, as well as the innocent employees who were in the Capitol that day who were terrified and wondered if they, too, would make it home that day.

Brian was a proud American and loved his country. He continued his service long after his time in the military by becoming a US Capitol Police Officer, serving the American people and members of Congress -- and protecting democracy.

To know that some members of Congress — along with the former President, Donald Trump, who Brian and I once supported but who can only now be viewed as the mastermind of that horrible attack — are not acknowledging Brian's heroism that day is unforgivable and un-American.