Pelosi Remarks at Media Availability with Leader Schumer Following Meeting with White House Officials

June 23, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a media availability after meeting with White House officials in the Speaker’s Office.  Below is a full transcript:

Leader Schumer.  Hello, everybody.

Speaker Pelosi.  Good evening. How are you?

Leader Schumer.  If we knew you were waiting, we would have had another hour of meeting.


Okay, so, we had a very good meeting.  We got into quite a bit of detail.  We're all on the same page: both tracks, the bipartisan track and the budget reconciliation track, are proceeding at pace, and we hope to have votes on both of them in the House – in the Senate and the House in July.

Speaker Pelosi.  And, so, timing, that's really what is very important.  So if we want to have this by July, before we leave in August, we have to engineer back with how we work with our committees, the Budget Committee and the rest.  But, a dual track.  We're very excited about the prospect of a bipartisan agreement.  And then it takes us to whatever else we wanted to do.

Leader Schumer.  One can't be done without the other — 

Speaker Pelosi.  That’s right — 

Leader Schumer.  — we all agree to that. 


Speaker Pelosi.  — not in our Caucus.

Leader Schumer.  We can’t get the bipartisan bill done unless we're sure we're getting the budget reconciliation bill done.  We can't get the budget reconciliation bill done unless we're sure of the bipartisan.  And I think our Members are – you know, across the spectrum, realize that.  

Speaker Pelosi.  Having a conversation with this Administration, where you have shared values is so refreshing compared to what we –

Leader Schumer.  We were recalling our dinners with Donald Trump, and they weren't quite the same.  

Speaker Pelosi.  Anyway, so –

Q: Are you going to vote on the budget or the budget reconciliation?

Leader Schumer.  Well, people should understand this.  The budget – there are two parts when you do reconciliation.  First, there's the budget act, which includes, which anticipates details of reconciliation, but sets the big reconciliation numbers, and has to be voted on by 51 of us.  Okay?  So it includes the overall numbers, the allocations to the committees with a designation of “here's why this committee is getting that amount of money.” Might they change things as they go through with it?

Then, the second part of the process – as you know, there are always two steps – has to be to write all the details, which takes a while.  Okay, but the first step will be finished in July.


Q:  Do you support the bipartisan deal the –

Leader Schumer.  We’ll let them announce it first, but let's see.  

Speaker Pelosi.  Let’s see it.  Let’s see it.

Leader Schumer.  But we support the concepts that we have heard about. 

Q:  Will you – will you not move forward with the new infrastructure bill in the House?  You were going to have one next week.

Speaker Pelosi.  No, we’ll move forward with our bill next week.  Mr. DeFazio is bringing the – his committee’s bill, as well as the water – two water bills — will bring those to the Floor. 

Q:  But how does that fold in with the larger infrastructure plan? 

Speaker Pelosi.  It folds in with where it has something in common with it, they will go –

Leader Schumer.  Yeah, the two bills that we are – we've already done the water and we have the surface transportation, and they're going to be merged with the things in the bipartisan bills that are not part of both.


Speaker Pelosi.  Just to be clear, everything – I mean, further clear.  Whatever is in the bipartisan bill would then be subtracted from what we do next week –

Leader Schumer.  That’s it.

Speaker Pelosi.  — when we go to reconciliation.

Leader Schumer.  Yeah.


Speaker Pelosi.  Excuse me?

Q:  Would you have a time – when would you vote on the bipartisan bill in the House? 

Speaker Pelosi.  As soon as we see a reconciliation bill.