House Republicans Vote to Defund Police – Again

June 29, 2021
Appropriations Committee Republicans Vote to Rip Away Funds Local Governments Are Using to Pay Police Officers

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

Two days after Fox News’ Chris Wallace called out House Republicans for voting to defund the police by voting against the American Rescue Plan, House Republicans took another vote to rip away funding local governments are using to pay police officers.

Today, House Republicans on the Appropriations Committee voted unanimously to rescind Rescue Plan relief local governments are counting on to pay local law enforcement officers.

WATCH House Republicans Vote To Defund The Police – Again


New York Post:

President Biden on Wednesday said communities can spend COVID-19 relief money on hiring more police to address soaring rates of violent crime.

Biden said in a White House speech that “the American Rescue Plan, which we passed in the first 100 days my administration, is providing much needed and historic relief to bring back those law enforcement jobs and social service jobs.”

The feds began distributing $350 billion in state and local aid last month and Biden pushed the option of using the cash to hire cops amid nationwide increases in murders, shootings and carjackings.

“We’re now providing more guidance on how they can use the $350 billion… to help reduce crime and address the root causes,” Biden said. “For example, cities experiencing an increase in gun violence are able to use American Rescue Plan dollars to hire police officers needed for community policing and to pay their overtime.”

House Republicans have spent months attacking law enforcement, prompting the New York Times last week to note a nascent divide between law enforcement and the Republican Party, which for years has pledged ‘Back the Blue’ but now finds itself torn...”