McCarthy Breaks His Promise to January 6th Heroes

June 30, 2021
Officers Fanone, Dunn and the Family of Officer Sicknick Pleaded With McCarthy to Take the Committee Seriously. Now He’s Trying to Block It

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

Minority Leader McCarthy dodged, disrespected and denied Officer Michael Fanone most of the reasonable asks the hero officer made of him.  Now, as he urges his members to vote against the January 6th Committee, McCarthy is breaking the one promise he did make to Officers Fanone, Dunn and the family of Officer Sicknick: that he would take the Committee ‘seriously.’

And he’ll have to break his promise with January 6th heroes in attendance for the vote. 

Associated Press:

Fanone was one of many Metropolitan Police officers who was called in to help deal with the increasingly chaotic scene as delays kept National Guard away. He has described being dragged down the Capitol steps by rioters who shocked him with a stun gun and beat him.

Dunn, a Capitol Police officer, has similarly described fighting the rioters in hand-to-hand combat and being the target of racial slurs as he tried to hold them back.

Both officers said they discussed the select committee with McCarthy, who said earlier Friday that he couldn't comment on it because he hadn't talked to Pelosi.

Fanone said he asked for a commitment not to put “the wrong people” on the panel and that McCarthy said he would take it seriously.

Dunn confirmed that account, saying McCarthy "committed to us to taking it serious.”

McCarthy has already voted to defund the police and allowed his members to continue disrespecting the law enforcement officers who protected him from a violent insurrection.  Opposing the creation of the Select Committee breaks the promise he made to January 6th heroes and their families.