GOP's Assault on American Families' Health Care Continues

June 6, 2018
Republicans have spent the entire Congress trying to undermine Americans’ health care.

And after ignoring repeated warnings from non-partisan experts, the Trump Administration and GOP in Congress continue their sabotage of the Affordable Care Act – needlessly increasing the cost of health care across the nation.  From the Washington Post Editorial Board:

THE CONGRESSIONAL Budget Office, Congress’s official scorekeeper, released last month … that the nation still faces huge cost and coverage challenges, and Republicans are making some of the direst problems worse.

The government spends a whopping $685 billion on nonelderly health coverage, which equals 3.4 percent of the economy. And costs are going up, fast.

Despite the spending, 29 million people, about 11 percent of the nonelderly population, lack health insurance. In 10 years, that number will have risen to 35 million. The CBO’s 2027 estimate is about 5 million more people than the last time it ran the numbers.

Why the changed prediction? Because Republicans are sabotaging Obamacare.

By repealing the ACA’s individual mandate, Republicans have driven healthy Americans out of the market and raised premiums for hard-working families.  Below are some stories from the states suffering the consequences of Republicans’ irresponsible sabotage of the Affordable Care Act:

Maine Press Herald: Maine’s ACA insurers seek single-digit rate increases for 2019

Reasons provided by the insurers for their proposed rate increases include the elimination of the individual mandate penalty that was included in the federal tax reform bill approved by congressional Republicans in December and a resulting, anticipated decrease in younger, healthier Mainers purchasing individual ACA insurance in 2019.

Washington Post: Maryland’s Obamacare insurers request 30 percent premium hike for 2019

CareFirst chief executive Chet Burrell said that he believes the Trump administration’s move to zero out the individual mandate penalty for not being insured in 2019 will exacerbate the premium increases.

The Hill: New York, Washington state propose double digit rate hikes for ObamaCare plans

New York attributed the proposed increases to Congress's repeal of the individual mandate, while Washington state blamed uncertainty over the Trump administration's looming changes to ObamaCare.

New York Post: State health insurers ask for huge rate hike, blame Trump

New York health insurers are requesting an average 24 percent hike to sell individual policies in 2019 under ObamaCare and they’re blaming President Trump’s repeal of the mandate requiring everyone have health care coverage as contributing to the increase.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Pennsylvania's Individual Affordable Care Act rates set to creep up in 2019

The [state insurance] department cited … President Donald Trump's decision last year to eliminate federal funding for added benefits that had been included in plans for the lowest-income policyholders.

Vermont Valley News: Two Vermont Insurers Seek Rate Increase

Blue Cross and Blue Shield has built an additional 2.2 percent premium increase into its proposed 2019 rates due to the loss of the federal individual mandate.

Virginia Free Lance-Star: Obamacare premiums set to rise again

In its notices to the Virginia Bureau of Insurance, Cigna (which is asking for 15 percent rate hike), and CareFirst BlueChoice Inc. (which is requesting 26.6 percent higher premiums) cited the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate next year … But the tax law that repealed the individual mandate’s tax penalty was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump in December 2017.

Washington News Tribune: You can get health insurance in every Washington county this year, but it'll cost you

Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler criticized the federal government for eliminating its requirement that people buy health insurance, which takes effect in 2019.

The American people know who is at fault.  According to Public Policy Polling, voters in six battleground states ‘blame Republicans for the expected health care premium increases and believe Republicans and President Trump have been actively undermining and sabotaging the Affordable Care Act.’

While Republicans continue their relentless assault on families’ health care, Democrats are calling for real bipartisan action to protect and improve the Affordable Care Act in order to lower Americans’ premiums and out of pocket health care costs.