State By State: Americans Impacted By GOP's ACA Sabotage

June 8, 2018
The Trump Administration’s cynical assault of Americans’ health care has reached a stunning new low.

The Department of Justice will now argue in court that the Affordable Care Act’s provisions preventing insurance companies from denying coverage or charging more for pre-existing conditions should be struck down – destroying key, life-saving protections for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions.

LA Times: Got a preexisting condition? The Trump administration wants insurers to deny you coverage

In its latest effort to undermine the Affordable Care Act — and in the process, raise premiums for many Americans — the Trump administration is urging a federal judge in Texas to throw out the law’s protections for people with preexisting conditions.

In other words, the administration wants insurers to be able to deny coverage to the people most in need of it, or to charge them considerably higher premiums than they’re allowed to charge today.

Following the monstrosity of Trumpcare, Republicans are reiving their cruel vision to endanger the health of American families.  Below are the numbers of people with pre-existing conditions in every state who face higher health costs and less coverage because of the GOP’s sabotage campaign.

STATE BY STATE: Number of People with Preexisting Conditions Protected by the ACA
State Number of People with Preexisting Conditions State Number of People with Preexisting Conditions
Alabama 1,959,800 Montana 425,900
Alaska 326,400 Nebraska 783,800
Arizona 2,763,200 Nevada 1,215,300
Arkansas 1,177,500 New Hampshire 572,200
California 16,679,100 New Jersey 3,846,000
Colorado 2,350,900 New Mexico 843,500
Connecticut 1,541,100 New York 8,398,900
Delaware 389,100 North Carolina 3,929,400
Florida 7,810,300 North Dakota 316,000
Georgia 4,316,000 Ohio 4,830,900
Hawaii 593,300 Oklahoma 1,584,000
Idaho 673,200 Oregon 1,681,000
Illinois 5,471,600 Pennsylvania 5,329,500
Indiana 2,745,700 Rhode Island 443,900
Iowa 1,288,400 South Carolina 1,997,600
Kansas 1,200,300 South Dakota 352,500
Kentucky 1,795,500 Tennessee 2,718,800
Louisiana 1,921,000 Texas 11,579,100
Maine 548,300 Utah 1,221,000
Maryland 2,586,000 Vermont 263,200
Massachusetts 2,903,000 Virginia 3,441,400
Michigan 4,110,300 Washington 3,034,500
Minnesota 2,331,000 West Virginia 737,900
Mississippi 1,195,900 Wisconsin 2,435,700
Missouri 2,495,900 Wyoming 248,300


Source: Center for American Progress, “Number of Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions by Congressional District,” April 2017

From day one, Republicans in the Administration and Congress have spitefully worked to undermine affordable health care, and drive up families’ premiums.  Millions of Americans are already facing unnecessary premium hikes because of the GOP tax scam and the GOP’s efforts to push families into shoddy junk plans.

The American people deserve better than the raw deal Republicans have been forcing on them in health care.  Democrats will continue to fight to protect Americans’ health care and lower their costs, and are offering A Better Deal to lower the surging costs of prescription drugs.