Not Your Typical Sunday Sermon – Trump Joins House Republicans in Praising Cop-Attacking Insurrectionists

July 11, 2021

From the Speaker’s Press Office

While most Americans spend their Sundays relaxing with family, singing at church, or grilling burgers, former President Trump took to Fox News to join House Republicans in insulting the Capitol Police and praising the insurrectionists who attacked them on January 6th.   

This morning Trump joined House Republicans in trying to erase the brave service of Capitol Police and trying to whitewash January 6th, claiming, “there were no guns whatsoever” and that the deadly assault was actually peaceful.  Trump told Maria Bartiromo that on January 6th there was “love in the air.”  He brazenly disrespected the sacrifice of Capitol Police in celebrating the insurrectionists as, “peaceful people” and “great people.”  

Sadly, these attacks on the courageous officers who defended the Capitol are nothing new.  For months, McCarthy and Republicans have attacked the police.  They refuse to shake their hands.  They voted to defund local police departments.  The House GOP even opposed awarding Congressional Gold Medals to officers who protected the Capitol during the January 6th insurrection.

As officers work overtime and weekends to safeguard our democracy and communities across the country, Trump and McCarthy degrade their livelihoods with inciteful lies and prepare to yet again block funding for police officer salaries.