Transcript of Speaker Pelosi’s Remarks at Press Event With the Democratic Women’s Caucus on the Care Economy

July 1, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro, Democratic Women's Caucus (DWC) Co-Chairs Congresswoman Lois Frankel, Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence and Congresswoman Jackie Speier, House Democrats and care advocates gathered for a press event on the care economy in the Rayburn Room.  Below are the Speaker’s remarks:

Speaker Pelosi.  Good morning, everyone.  And a good morning it is because we have such a strong manifestation of support for the American people, especially to Build Back Better with women.


I thank the Democratic Women's Caucus, which has been relentless and effective in fighting for progress for women, families and for America.  Lois Frankel, Brenda Lawrence, Jackie Speier, Veronica Escobar, here, and Sylvia Garcia.  Oh, she's virtual.

I want to thank our Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Rosa DeLauro, for her relentless, persistent, dissatisfied advocacy for children with the Child Tax Credit.


Members.  Rosa.  Rosa.  Rosa.  Rosa.  Rosa.  Rosa.  Rosa.  Rosa. 

Speaker Pelosi.  But Rosa being Rosa, she has a lot of irons in the fire.  And one of them is a gavel at the Appropriations Committee, which is meeting momentarily.  So, she and Brenda and Lois will have to be leaving to go – and Barbara Lee.  Our [Assistant] Speaker Katherine Clark, who's been relentless on child care, child care, child care.

The purpose of this morning is to say to the American people, the women – the Democratic women in the Congress, in the House of Representatives, and with our colleagues in the Senate as well are – again, are relentless and persistent on behalf of America's working families.  Women paid a big price during this COVID.  Many of them out of the workforce, many of them hard to get back in.  And why?  Because we're caregivers, whether it's child care, elder care, Child Tax Credit, family and medical leave.  All of the initiatives that would enable families to more fully participate in how we go forward out of the pandemic into the future – Building Back Better with women.

And so, I'm honored to recognize our VIPs today.  Debra Ness, National Partnership for Women and Families.


Myra Jones-Taylor, Zero to Three.


And – Rosa would want me to say – from Connecticut.  Yes.  Not exactly an applause line, but in Connecticut, it is, right?

And all of the advocates that are here, let us applaud.


I just say to the advocates, and then I'm going to yield to Madam Chair, Rosa DeLauro.  I am – all the things that we want to do in Congress would not be possible for the children, For The People.  Our inside mobilization can – our inside maneuvering can just go so far.  It’s the outside mobilization that makes it happen.  That's why I said they are our VIPs here.  Thank you.  Thank you.


I have a good deal more to say, but the Appropriators have to mark up the bills in a timely fashion.  So, I'll save it for later.  But in the meantime, with great pride, admiration and the rest – and just remarkable that she has introduced the Child Tax Credit how many times?  Well, she’ll tell you about it.  


She’ll tell you about it, but every Congress for a long time.  But Rosa will tell you about all that.  We thank her for the relentless – I call her the ‘godmother of all America's children’ for what she does for them here in the Congress.  Madam Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Rosa DeLauro.


Speaker Pelosi.  Thank you, Debra Ness.  And thank you, thank you, thank you to the National Partnership for Women and Families.  Thank you very much.


Speaker Pelosi.  And Myra Jones-Taylor and Zero to Three.  As they were speaking, I was reminded of what we hear in San Francisco all the time: ‘children learning, parents earning’ – the child care piece being so essential.

Also, I was listening to the speeches, but I could overhear Nydia Velázquez, the Chair of the Small Business Committee, saying, ‘This is entrepreneurship.’  When women have child care, it contributes to the entrepreneurship of our country.  And of course, we think the Child Tax Credit is Social Security for children and that we have to have it.  And we have to be predictable and permanent.

I just want to say that the House is adjourned now.  Members have headed to the airport.  But I want a shoutout for my Members who are still here.  Shout out!

Rep. Demings.  Val Demings of Florida.

Rep. Moore.  Gwen Moore from Wisconsin.

Rep. McBath.  Lucy McBath from Georgia.

Rep. Brownley.  Annie Kuster from New Hampshire


Rep. Kuster.  Julia Brownley from California

Rep. Williams.  Nikema Williams, Georgia.

Rep. Stansbury.  Melanie Stansbury from New Mexico.


Speaker Pelosi.  The important message here is that the women of Congress are here to support bipartisanship, infrastructure and the rest.  But we cannot go forward unless we do so with our care and our family parts of the Jobs proposal.  So, just consider this.  One day, we’ll be back until we’re finished.  And we won’t be finished until we do what we are responsible to do for our children, for their families, for their caregivers.

So, are we ready to again implement what we’ve always said?

Members.  When women succeed, America succeeds.

Speaker Pelosi.  Thank you all very much.