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April 4, 2007 Blog
Appropriations Defense Subcommittee Chairman John Murtha:

April 4, 2007 Blog
Oversight Committee Chairman Henry Waxman writes to RNC Chairman Mike Duncan requesting emails stored on Republican National Committee servers related to the use of federal resources for political purposes. Full letter:

April 4, 2007 Blog
Today, Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey made the following remarks at a public forum at the University of Wisconsin in response to the President's attack on Congressional Democrats yesterday:

April 4, 2007 Blog
Congress Nudges an FCC on Hold

Charles Babington, Washington Post - April 4, 2007

April 3, 2007 Blog
This morning we posted on Reps. Bart Gordon and Brad Miller, along with Senator Bill Nelson, calling for the resignation of NASA Inspector General Robert Cobb.
April 3, 2007 Press Release
"'The proposal passed by the House gives our troops everything they need and more. The House and Senate acted quickly to respond to the needs of our troops and our veterans, but also to the strongly held views of the American people. The executive and legislative branches each have a role in this process, and the Speaker encourages the President not to assign blame to Congress for doing its job."
April 3, 2007 Blog
Lawmakers demand Bush fire NASA inspector general

H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press - April 2, 2007

April 2, 2007 Blog
Speaker Pelosi issued the following statement concerning today's Supreme Court decision affirming the authority of the federal government under the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases and require upgraded pollution controls on power