As House Dems Rescue the Economy, Republicans Root Against It

July 2, 2021
Biden and Congressional Democrats Deliver More Jobs and Higher Wages

From Speaker Pelosi’s Press Office

The Biden-Pelosi economy is booming.  President Biden and Democrats in Congress have lowered taxes for middle class families, created more than 3 million jobs and increased wages for workers.

We’ve done all of this without the help of House Republicans, who voted unanimously to block the American Rescue Plan and are openly rooting against American workers and the U.S. economy.

Here’s the top Republican on the Ways & Means Committee – and the author of their 2017 Tax Scam.


Under President Biden and Democrats in Congress:

  • The U.S. economy has created 850,000 jobs in June – for a total of more than 3 million since the President took office – the most in the first 5 months of a presidency on record.
  • Average wages are up 1.4% over the last three months – the strongest increase before the pandemic since 2006.
  • Sectors hit hard by the pandemic are roaring back:
    • Leisure and hospitality added 343,00 jobs in June, raising its three-month average job growth to 326,000.
    • State and local governments and education added more than 190,000 jobs.

We’re sending condolences to the Republicans upset by the bigger paychecks of American workers.