As Bipartisan Select Committee Hears From Hero Officers, House Republicans Plan Floor Antics & Jailhouse Presser

July 26, 2021

From the Speaker’s Press Office

Not content to simply disrespect and defund the Capitol Police, House Republicans have engaged in floor antics and announced a Jailhouse Presser tomorrow to stand with the insurrectionists, while the bipartisan Select Committee hears from heroic law enforcement officers who were beaten, crushed and racially targeted while defending the Capitol on January 6th.  

Leader McCarthy’s antics show just how desperate House Republicans are to do something, anything to distract from the powerful and patriotic testimony of the law enforcement heroes of January 6th before the bipartisan Select Committee tomorrow.  Instead of supporting the heroes in uniform who served and sacrificed that day, House Republicans are holding a press conference support of the violent insurrectionists who viciously attacked and harmed hundreds of members of law enforcement.



Minority Leader McCarthy spent months refusing to meet with January 6th Hero Officer Michael Fanone.  His Members followed his lead by refusing to shake the hands of officers who protected the Capitol, voting to block those officers from getting gold medals and voting unanimously to defund the Capitol Police officers who keep them safe.

This week, House Republicans are proving once again that they stand with the insurrectionists – not with our law enforcement.