Former Capitol Police Chief: Republicans Can’t ‘Back the Blue’ While Attacking the January 6th Committee

July 27, 2021
Former USCP Chief Calls Out House GOP ‘Counterprogramming’ of Today’s Officer Testimony

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

House Republicans do not back the blue.  Former Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer made that clear today when he called out House Republicans for ignoring and attempting to counterprogram the testimony of officers who risked their lives to protect the Capitol on January 6th.

It's not every day that a former USCP chief calls out House Republicans for downplaying the heroism of police officers.  But that’s exactly what happened today.


CNN’s Jake Tapper:  We’ve heard a lot about ‘backing the blue.’  Especially last year when there were Black Lives Matter protests and the George Floyd protests, when there was violence and vandalism in cities during some of those protests.  We hear a lot about it…What does backing the blue look like starting today?  What in your view as a former Chief of the Capitol Police?  What would a congressman who truly backs the blue be doing today?

Former Capitol Police Chief:  Well, they would join with the other members of this particular committee and speak up and speak out.  And even if they could maybe separate for a minute the President Trump issue – which has to be addressed.  And concentrate on all the other issues that were raised by these officers’ testimony and what’s going on before that.  The other Members of Congress who have been repeatedly doubting this and doing the things that were talked about today – whether it was at the Capitol Grounds today or the Justice Department – they ought to listen to what their fellow Members said and listen to the challenges of those officers and do better…There’s an old saying: ‘If you can’t stand behind us, maybe the next time this happens you ought to get in front of us.’  And I think some of them ought to think about that.