House Republicans Attack Officers Who Nearly Died Defending The Capitol

July 29, 2021
NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Jim Banks Attacked Police Officers As Crisis Actors’

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

On Tuesday, four police officers testified about being beaten, tased, crushed, and racially abused by violent insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol to kill Vice President Pence and lawmakers.  In the 48 hours since their testimony concluded, House Republicans have made clear that they don’t give a damn about the hero officers who risked everything to defend the Capitol on January 6th. 

Since the officers’ testimony  on Tuesday:

  • Rep. Jim Banks shamelessly attacked the hero officers on Fox News – joking with a Fox host about officers ‘stumbling’ over big words others had ‘scripted’ for them.  

7.29.21 -- Hit 2.png

  • Republican lawmakers traveled to a D.C. jail to protest on behalf of the insurrectionists who nearly killed the officers defending the Capitol.

7.29.21 -- Hit 1.png

House Republicans had already voted to block funding for their local police departments.  But this was the week they showed their real contempt for law enforcement.