CNN: Republicans Preview Months Ahead Filled With Obstruction and Extremism

July 8, 2021
House Republicans Embrace ‘Their Identity as the Party of Extremism, Conservative Media Stunts and Obstruction’

From the Speaker's Press Office:

House Republicans are no longer hiding their true colors: they are proudly “the party of extremism, conservative media stunts and obstruction.”  While Democrats fight to meet the urgent needs of the American people and protect our democracy, House Republicans have nothing to offer but “grievance and spectacle.”

As this reporting from CNN confirms, it is no accident that “the GOP circus” has become a breeding ground for extremism.  Kevin McCarthy is leading his party by example: openly “play[ing] to a radical crowd” and allowing political extremism, anti-Semitism, and more to foster with impunity.  His tolerance for racist, offensive, and dangerous conduct from his Members is “beyond transactional and is a sinister tale of the GOP's modern character.”

Key points from CNN:

  • “House Republicans are done pretending and aren't even trying to disguise their identity as the party of extremism, conservative media stunts and obstruction.”
  • “Fresh evidence is emerging of the GOP's strategy of mayhem heading into next year's midterm elections under the defining influence of Donald Trump.”
  • “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, whose demagoguery is tolerated by GOP leaders, is at the center of a new storm over her allusions to Nazism. A leaked video shows Texas' Rep. Chip Roy prescribing Washington chaos as the GOP seeks to destroy Joe Biden's presidency and win back the chamber. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is meanwhile working out how to derail the Democratic-led committee that will look into the January 6 insurrection -- putting the party's idol, Trump, above American democracy. And the California Republican is amplifying claims by Fox host Tucker Carlson that he's being spied on by government eavesdroppers.”
  • “The latest churn in the GOP circus is confirming the party, in the House at least, as almost exclusively a force of grievance and spectacle in Trump's image, rather than a serious legislating force or even conventional opposition. The impression was already fostered by House Republicans' efforts to shield the ex-President and rewrite history over the mob assault on Congress by his supporters.”
  • “Worsening signs of extremism by House Republicans could play into the President's self-styling as a moderate voice for national unity and common ground -- underscored again by his appeals for Americans to buckle down together to eradicate Covid-19 during the Independence Day weekend. They could also scare off moderate voters who, along with African Americans, were critical to him winning last November.”
  • McCarthy's tolerance for Greene, however, is beyond transactional and is a sinister tale of the GOP's modern character. […] The Trump-supporting first-term lawmaker and conspiracy theorist caused new outrage with a tweet that compared the Biden administration's teams offering vaccinations to Nazi-era "brown shirts" militia who helped pave Adolf Hitler's rise to power. The fresh outburst of offensive, anti-Semitic rhetoric from Greene underscored the impunity with which the GOP regards political extremism after allowing itself to become a channel for White nationalist sentiment during Trump's presidency. And it came only weeks after a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington prompted Greene to apologize for comparing mask wearing to the Nazi pogrom against Jews.”
  • “But there is no doubting the House minority leader's wish to play to a radical crowd. On Wednesday afternoon he issued a statement offering the credibility of his office to Carlson's claims that he was being spied upon the National Security Agency on the orders of the Biden administration, for which the bombastic TV host has not produced any evidence. […] "It was yet another moment when it was hard to identify the dividing line between the Republican Party and conservative propaganda media.”