The New House Republican Slogan Did Not Age Well

August 10, 2021
Jobs Are Up, Wages Are Up, & the Biden Economy Is Booming

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

Less than two weeks ago, House Republican leadership rolled out a new “Country in Crisis” slogan to distract from the successes of Democrats’ Build Back Better agenda: 

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: "I haven’t found very many things that they have done right, no. If the President asked my advice: had he done nothing since he took office, optimism would be up 20 percent, not down."

House GOP Chair Elise Stefanik: “America is in crisis because of President Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s failed leadership and their radical far-left socialist agenda.” 

As last week's jobs report shows, the only people actually in crisis are the House Republicans who voted unanimously to block the policies responsible for July’s 943,000 new jobs. 

July’s jobs numbers are further proof that President Biden and Congressional Democrats' economy is booming: Jobs are up, growth is up, and unemployment is down as Americans get back to work.