Pelosi Statement on Beijing’s Escalating Assault Against Hong Kong

August 11, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on Beijing’s accelerating attacks on Hong Kong following the passage of its so-called “national security framework,” including arrests of democracy activists and journalists, the firing and censoring of academics, the disqualification of candidates and delay of elections, arrest warrants for activists overseas including an American citizen and retaliatory sanctions against U.S. officials:

“Beijing’s rapid escalation of its assault against Hong Kong under the guise of its so-called ‘national security framework’ is extremely concerning and leaves no doubt that China’s ultimate intent is to destroy Hong Kong’s political and economic freedoms.  These actions signal the darkest weeks yet in Beijing’s campaign of suppression, intimidation and cruelty against Hong Kong.

“The United States Congress has always spoken with one voice, bipartisan and bicameral, in defense of those oppressed by Beijing and in support of freedom, justice and real autonomy for the people of Hong Kong.  We urge the Trump Administration to continue to work to hold Chinese officials accountable for their abuses and to defend freedom and the rule of law in Hong Kong. 

“The Congress is closely monitoring this disturbing situation.  Indeed, the world is watching.”