Dear Colleague Marking Three Months Since House Passage of The Heroes Act

August 15, 2020
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Coronavirus Update: three months ago today, on May 15, we passed The Heroes Act and Senator McConnell, who has said that states should go bankrupt, pressed the Pause button.  Thursday, McConnell adjourned the Senate and left town.

Sadly, Senator McConnell’s attitude that states should go bankrupt is shared by the White House and has been a significant obstacle inside negotiations.  Some Republicans question whether states should support each other.  Their attitude is an assault on the very idea of the United States of America.  When catastrophe strikes, we step up to protect our fellow Americans no matter where they live, as we have through hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.  Democrats will continue to fight for state and local government funding to benefit all Americans.

Another significant challenge in negotiations is funding for schools.  We based The Heroes Act on a strong, scientific plan to crush the virus to reopen our economy and schools safely.  Because of President Trump’s refusal to implement any scientific plan to defeat the virus, the new school year is starting with the coronavirus on a rampage.  Therefore, the funding needed for our schools to operate safely has dramatically increased.  These funding needs have been clearly documented by the School Superintendents Association and the Association of Educational Service Agencies.  However, the White House continues to dismiss these facts, and disregard teachers and children who cannot safely go to school in person.  To make matters worse, the Administration is shortchanging the Child Care funding that parents need to go to work.  Democrats will continue to fight for increased school and Child Care funding for America’s families.

We also continue to fight to protect the Post Office.  The Postal Service is central to our democracy — with a treasured legacy that stretches from our founding, and with an importance enshrined in the Constitution.  Yet before our eyes, President Trump is openly working to destroy the Post Office and sabotage its ability to deliver absentee ballots in time to be counted.  In the time of pandemic, the Postal System is Election Central.  All patriots, Democrats, Independents or Republicans, should reject the President’s assault on the Postal System in this election season.  Democrats will continue to fight for funding for the Postal Service and safe and fair elections for our democracy.

As ever, on these and other issues, the progress of the negotiations is complicated by the complete disarray on the Republican side — as President Trump contradicts his own negotiators and his own positions.  House and Senate Democrats stand united and ready to meet the Republicans half way.  We have stated that we would cut a trillion if they would add a trillion for a bill that address the crisis facing our country.  Democrats in the House and Senate will continue our fight to crush the virus and to open our schools and economy safely For The People.


Thank you for your leadership.

best regards,