Dear Colleague: 'The War Has Changed!'

August 2, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

“The War has Changed!”  With these words, the CDC cautioned the difference that the delta variant has made on the pandemic.  As they have called upon the American people to mask up, to be vaccinated and to take other public health precautions, it is critical, in recognition of this urgency, that they extend the eviction moratorium.  Putting people on the streets contributes to the spread of the virus.

House Democratic Leadership called upon the Administration to extend the moratorium.  The purpose of the extension is to provide more time to expedite the distribution of the $46.5 billion that was allocated by Congress and that has long been transferred by the Administration to the states and localities.

I am grateful to Members for all that they are doing to call attention to this need, as we await a decision from the Administration.  Once again, I am sending out the link for Members to view the spending by their state and localities of the funds.  I do so, with the call for Members to work in your districts to help to get the money to flow.  To this end, we will have a presentation tomorrow from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, whose department transferred the funds early this year.

We all agree that the eviction crisis is an enormous challenge to the conscience of our country.  It is unfathomable that we would not act to prevent people from being evicted.  Overwhelmingly, our Members agreed to extend the moratorium and universally, to distribute the funds.  But the House passing the eviction moratorium without the Senate acting does not extend the moratorium.  Instead, the money must flow, and the moratorium must be extended by the Administration.

As we are engaged in the District Work Period, please use this time in your communities to urge the immediate disbursement of funds to tenants and landlords.  As you know, the House continues our committee work and is on 24-hour notice.  

As we urge the White House to act, please note that Congress will work to address any vulnerability to the CDC identified by the courts.

Thank you for your advocacy to avoid the shame on America that mass evictions would cause.