Dear Colleague on GOP Refusal to Meet the Needs of American People in COVID Relief Legislation

August 28, 2020
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

As the virus and the accompanying economic crisis devastate lives and livelihoods, Senate Republicans and the White House continue to display their contempt for science and their contempt for state and local government.

Yesterday, when I spoke with the White House, they made clear that they still do not comprehend the needs of the American people as lives and livelihoods are overwhelmed by the virus and its economic consequences. 

Over a month ago, House and Senate Democrats said that we would be willing to cut a trillion dollars from the Heroes Act if the White House would add one trillion to the Senate bill.  In consultation with our Committees Chairs, we have now said we would be willing to go down to $2.2 trillion. These investments are needed both to save lives and to boost the economy. 

The Democrats are unified, but the Republicans are in disarray.  Press reports are stating that Mitch McConnell has come down to $500 billion in his proposal and that Mark Meadows is saying that the White House might go to $1.3 trillion.  Neither of these proposals would meet the needs of American workers and families.

Republicans are rejecting the funding needed for testing and tracing to crush the virus and safely reopen schools and the economy.

As children return to schools, I have great concern over the Republicans’ refusal to acknowledge the funding levels that experts and scientists tell us are needed for safe school reopening.  They are also rejecting the funding needed for 14 million hungry children in America and rejecting funding for children’s families for rental assistance when millions are at risk of eviction and homelessness.

Their contempt for state, local, tribal and territorial governments endangers health care workers, first responders and other frontline workers, in addition to teachers.  Support for teachers and education are essential for the children.  But Mitch McConnell has said that states should just go bankrupt. 

And they are rejecting the funding needed to ensure that no one has to choose between their health and their vote this November.

This is a debate about values and common sense, not dollars and cents.  We hope Republicans will come to the table and accept our lower offer to save the lives and livelihoods of the American people.

Thank you for your continued leadership For The People For The Children.

best regards,


PS: For The Children, please participate in a Day of Action on Wednesday, September 2, as children start the school year.