Dear Colleague on Progress Report on Extension of Eviction Moratorium

August 3, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

As the pandemic continues to threaten the well-being of many in our country, the fear of eviction looms large now that the federal moratorium has expired.  The reality of families being evicted with their belongings on the street and the uncertainty of housing demands action.  I am pleased to report the following.

First, yesterday, the Administration stated their intention to identify all available authorities to extend the eviction moratorium.  We all hope that this initiative is successful as soon as possible, but we will not relent until families and landlords have been protected from this crisis.

Second, today, we will hear from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen about the status of emergency rental assistance, including how to expedite the disbursement of the $46.5 billion that Congress allocated.  I am pleased that accelerating rental assistance is a stated priority of the Administration. 

Third, thank you to Members for their advocacy in their communities to speed up the process of money going out to tenants and landlords.  Please consult this link from the Treasury Department to view the status of your state and your communities’ disbursement.  Materials from the DPCC, the Democratic Caucus and the Financial Services Committee have also been sent to your office, which I hope will be a resource to you.

Fourth, the Democratic House stands ready to work with the White House in their efforts.  The strong statements from the CBC, CHC, CAPAC, DWC and individual Members are helping House Democrats as we insist on action.  Democrats’ commitment to fighting for families on the verge of eviction – specifically through the Administration extending the moratorium – is a value that unites us.  We cannot accept a situation in which families are evicted.

Updates will be forthcoming, as we work to prevent the shame on America that mass evictions would cause.