Speaker Ryan on 3,000 American Deaths: 'No One's Fault'

September 13, 2018

Even after the President’s cruel and insulting statements this morning, Speaker Ryan once again shielded the President from accountability at his weekly press conference:

“These numbers [are] a function of: this was a devastating storm that hit an isolated island.  That’s really no one’s fault.  That is just what happened.”

Wait… what?!  The death of thousands of Americans is “no one’s fault?”  What will it actually take for House GOP to do its job and provide oversight on the Executive Branch?

Republicans are the only ones turning a blind eye.  Earlier today, the Washington Post’s Fact Checker laid down the truth:

“In any part of the United States, 3,000 excess deaths in six months would be considered a crisis, worthy of an intensive investigation to find out what went wrong — rather than a tweetstorm that minimizes the problem.”

What would it take for House Republicans to uphold their duty to hold the President and his administration accountable?