Pelosi Remarks at Global Climate Action Summit Conference

September 13, 2018
Press Release
San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined elected officials and environmental advocates from around the world at the Global Climate Action Summit Conference Opening Plenary.  Below are the Leader’s remarks:

Leader Pelosi.  Good morning.  Thank you Linda Douglass for your kind introduction.  Thank you for your tremendous leadership as a representative of our country and the media and the world.

It’s an honor to be here with so many of you this morning to join in welcoming so many global leaders to our city of San Francisco and to our golden state of California.  We are proud of our tradition of being a hotbed of bipartisan environmental fervor, a place where John Muir established the Sierra Club in 1892.  And it was another Bay Area leader, David Brower, who established the League of Conservation Voters.

For us, combatting global warming is not an issue.  It is an ethic.  It is a value.  And it is imperative that we act upon that value.

For this reason, when I was Speaker, the priority of addressing global warming and energy independence was my flagship issue.  Based on our values, informed by science – science, science, science – and inspired by the work of Vice President Al Gore, we created the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, led by now-Senator Ed Markey.

Despite what is happening in Washington now, I am ever hopeful, because then, working with Republicans, we passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, signed by President Bush: charting a new path to clean energy, reducing emissions, increasing the use of renewables and holding polluters accountable for environmental disasters, among other key priorities.

Under President Obama, we went on to pass the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act in the House.   But we were stopped in the Senate by the coal industry.

For this, and for so many other reasons, I am so thankful to Michael Bloomberg for his Beyond Coal initiative working with the Sierra Club.  It is so essential.


As Californians, we are exceptionally proud of our Governor Jerry Brown for his decades –


Thank you.  For his decades of leadership as an early visionary, a brilliant strategist, a persistent champion to preserve the planet for future generations.  Decades ago, he recognized early that we must act swiftly, boldly and collectively in the face of a grim future, one of rising oceans – oceans, he was early on the oceans issue – savage wildfires and extreme and unpredictable weather patterns that devastate communities and destabilize our world.

This conference, and thank you all for being here, this conference is a manifestation of Governor Brown’s determination to confront one of the most urgent and serious crises the world has ever faced.  Thank you, Governor Brown.


To confront the climate change, we must think globally, organize locally, and act personally – and that means understanding how to engage everyone in the solution, at every level of society, across all ethnic and community lines, including our indigenous people.

For them, land is the gift of God and of their ancestors who rest there.  A sacred place, a sacred place, with which they need to interact to maintain their identities and values.

And we must also engage our young people because the future – this planet’s future belong to them.  This is a top issue for millennials across the United States of America.


Michael Bloomberg.  Michael Bloomberg – our co-Chair.  It is an honor to bring forward Michael Bloomberg.  He understands the public sector, the private sector and the non-profit sector and how to harness the power of all three to drive progress.  As UN Special Envoy for Climate Action, he has turbo-charged the efforts of governments, businesses and civil society to set ambitious targets and to meet them.

As Mayor of New York, he advanced cutting edge initiatives that slashed emissions, and that set the gold standard for our nation.

As a business leader, he appreciates the power of private capital to combat the global climate crisis.

As a philanthropist, his generosity has been a magnet for other philanthropists to inform the public of what the climate crisis means to them in their lives.

As an author and producer, he is bringing public support for action and bringing the crisis to the forefront of our nation.

This is very important because when you say climate, sometimes people think that’s something into the future or very esoteric but the fact is it’s about clean air, clean water that our children breathe and drink.

In closing, I again want to thank and recognize the leadership of Governor Jerry Brown, just this week who set California on the path to a carbon-free economy by 2045.


We’re so blessed with our co-Chairs.  Thank you, Jerry Brown!  I also now want to acknowledge the extraordinary leadership across all sectors in our society – Michael Bloomberg.   Thank you, Chairman Michael Bloomberg.

There are many things the Mayor has done but one of the important things is to connect this issue to people and for them to see the connection of this value, this ethic, this imperative in their lives.

So now we’re going to give you a preview of Michael’s new film called Paris to Pittsburgh.  Let’s watch the clip!

Thank you very much.