Insurers, Bipartisan Governors, Physicians, Hospitals, Seniors, Etc. Oppose Latest Version of Trumpcare, Graham-Cassidy

September 20, 2017
After numerous failures to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have revived Trumpcare and made it worse than ever.  Under the Graham-Cassidy bill, veterans, seniors, working families, women, Americans with pre-existing conditions and rural communities will suffer just so Republicans can hand tax breaks to the wealthiest.

Numerous organizations have sent letters and put out statements strongly opposing this latest version of Trumpcare.  Bipartisan governors, insurers, doctors, hospitals, seniors’ groups, patient advocacy groups, and many others have spoken out against Republicans’ latest attack on the health and well-being of hard-working Americans:



“The Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson proposal fails to meet [key] guiding principles, and would have real consequences on consumers and patients by further destabilizing the individual market; cutting Medicaid; [and] pulling back on protections for pre-existing conditions.  … While we cannot support this proposal, we will keep working to find the right solutions that reflect the commitment we all share: affordable coverage and high-quality care for every American.  By working together, we can improve health care and deliver the coverage and care that every American deserves.” [9/20/17]

BlueCross BlueShield Association

“…we share the significant concerns of many health care organizations about the proposed Graham-Cassidy bill. The bill contains provisions that would allow states to waive key consumer protections, as well as undermine safeguards for those with pre-existing medical conditions. The legislation reduces funding for many states significantly and would increase uncertainty in the marketplace, making coverage more expensive and jeopardizing Americans’ choice of health plans.” [BlueCross BlueShield Association, 9/20/17]


10 Bipartisan Governors, including GOP Governor John Kasich (OH), GOP Governor Brian Sandoval (NV), GOP Governor Charles Baker (MA), GOP Governor Phil Scott (VT), and Independent Governor Bill Walker (AK)

“We ask you not to consider the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson amendment and renew support for bipartisan efforts to make health care more available and affordable for all Americans.  Only open, bipartisan approaches can achieve true, lasting reforms.”

GOP Governor Larry Hogan (MD)

“Unfortunately, the Graham-Cassidy bill is not a solution that works for Maryland.  It will cost our state over $2 billion annually while directly jeopardizing the health care of our citizens.  We need common sense, bipartisan solutions that will stabilize markets and actually expand affordable coverage.”


American Medical Association

“The Graham-Cassidy Amendment would result in millions of Americans losing their health insurance coverage, destabilize health insurance markets, and decrease access to affordable coverage and care. … In addition, the amendment does not take steps toward coverage and access for all Americans, and while insurers are still required to offer coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions, allowing states to get waivers to vary premiums based on health status would allow insurers to charge unaffordable premiums based on those pre-existing conditions.” [9/19/17]

Association of American Medical Colleges

“On behalf of the nation’s medical schools and major teaching hospitals, I write to express our strong opposition to the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ) proposal currently being circulated, and to urge you to vote against this measure if brought to the Senate floor… Under this legislation, the number of uninsured patients nationwide will increase dramatically and important existing patient protections will be at risk.” [Association of American Medical Colleges, 9/19/17]


American Hospital Association

“We believe that coverage could be at risk for tens of millions of Americans under the Graham-Cassidy proposal… This proposal would erode key protections for patients and consumers and does nothing to stabilize the insurance market now or in the long term. In addition, the block grant to provide support for the expansion population expires in 2026, thereby eliminating coverage for millions of Americans.” [American Hospital Association 9/19/17]

Federation of American Hospitals

“The Graham-Cassidy proposal could disrupt access to health care for millions of the more than 70 million. Americans who depend on Medicaid and the marketplaces for their health coverage. It is time to move on to secure the health coverage for those who have it, and find solutions for those who don’t. We urge the Senate to reject legislation that fails to move us forward in assuring Americans access to affordable health care and coverage.” [Federation of American Hospitals, 9/20/17]

Catholic Health Association

“I urge you to contact your Senators today and tell them to:  Vote ‘NO’ on the Graham-Cassidy legislation to repeal and replace ACA – which eliminates Medicaid expansion coverage, premium tax credits, and cost-sharing reduction subsidies and replace them with state block grants.” [Catholic Health Association, 9/20/17]



“Overall, the Graham/Cassidy/Heller/Johnson bill would increase health care costs for older Americans with an age tax, decrease coverage, and undermine pre-existing condition protections.  In addition, this bill would jeopardize the ability of older Americans and people with disabilities to stay in their own homes as they age and threaten coverage for individual in nursing homes.” [AARP, 9/19/17]

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare

“Like the House-passed American Health Care Act, the Graham-Cassidy bill would leave millions of Americans uninsured and would be particularly harmful to older and disabled Americans. … This bill is particularly objectionable because it would:  jeopardize long-term care and other supportive services by restructuring Medicaid into per capita caps or block grants; … end Medicaid expansion; … [and] drive up seniors’ out-of-pocket costs by repealing the ACA’s tax credit and cost-sharing subsidies.” [National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, 9/20/17]

Center for Medicare Advocacy and Medicare Rights Center

“On behalf of the Medicare Rights Center and the Center for Medicare Advocacy, we are writing to express our staunch opposition to the recently unveiled substitute to H.R.1628, commonly referred to as the “Graham-Cassidy” bill. Our organizations share a commitment to promoting access to affordable, high-quality health care for older adults, people with disabilities, and their families. We are deeply concerned that the latest amendment to H.R.1628, like its predecessors, puts the availability of affordable health coverage and care for older Americans and people with disabilities at risk.” [Center for Medicare Advocacy and Medicare Rights Center, 9/19/17]


Sixteen Patient Advocacy and Provider Groups, including American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and American Lung Association

“Sixteen patient and provider groups oppose the proposal put forward by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), Dean Heller (R-Nev.), and Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that will negatively impact patients’ access to adequate and affordable health coverage and care. This bill would limit funding for the Medicaid program, roll back important essential health benefit protections, and potentially open the door to annual and lifetime caps on coverage, endangering access to critical care for millions of Americans.” [American Heart Association, 9/18/17]


Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

“The undersigned members of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) write to express strong opposition to the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ) proposal. As we have commented on multiple proposals considered by the Senate, we cannot overstate the danger facing the millions of adults and children with disabilities if the proposal’s Medicaid provisions are adopted.” [Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, 9/19/17]


American Public Health Association

“On behalf of the American Public Health Association, a diverse community of public health professionals who champion the health of all people and communities, I write to express our strong opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill and any other legislation that would repeal or weaken the Affordable Care Act. Similar to other proposals that we ardently opposed, the Graham-Cassidy plan would have the same damaging consequences for the health of Americans, especially the most vulnerable.” [American Public Health Association, 9/18/17]