Dear Colleague on Continuing Action on the Build Back Better Agenda

September 20, 2021
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

This week, we must take decisive action on proceeding with the Build Back Better reconciliation legislation.

The President’s vision for the future is one shared by House Democrats.  Thank you for the important work to establish House Democratic priorities.  Our legislation is being reviewed by the House and Senate Budget Committees for possible Byrd violation challenges in order to narrow our exposure in a Byrd bath.  The House and Senate are already in agreement on most of the bills. 

The President and Senate Democrats sent us a budget resolution with a cap of $3.5 trillion.  I have promised Members that we would not have House Members vote for a bill with a higher topline than would be passed by the Senate.  Hopefully, that will be at the $3.5 trillion number.  We must be prepared for adjustments according to the Byrd rule and an agreed to number.

As we review our options, we must do so with the recognition that the reconciliation package must be substantial as it must address the needs of America’s working families and the urgent necessity to address the climate crisis. 

We must Build Back Better with initiatives that include the Biden Child Tax Credit, child care, home health care, universal pre-K, free community college, funding for minority serving institutions (MSIs) and improvements to Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA.  We must Build Back Better with the important climate initiatives in our House bill. 

The President has set us on a course that does not end with this reconciliation bill.  Let us stay the course For The People.

Thank you for your leadership,