Pelosi Statement on Trump Raiding Seniors’ Medicare for One-Time Prescription Drug Gimmick

September 25, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Pelosi released this statement after President Trump said he would mail seniors a one-time $200 discount card for prescription drugs, raiding the Medicare Trust Fund after failing to take real action to lower prescription drug prices:

“After failing to take real action to lower seniors’ prescription drug prices, President Trump wants to steal from the Medicare Trust Fund for a desperately transparent political gimmick.  The Administration’s claim to be using imaginary savings from non-existent drug price reforms means that Trump’s coupons come at Medicare’s expense, and that seniors and taxpayers are paying the price for this stunt.

“President Trump has consistently pulled his punch on Big Pharma, after promising to ‘negotiate like crazy’ in the campaign.  He vowed to veto the powerful drug price negotiation for seniors and families provided by the House-passed Lower Drug Costs Now Act, after giving big pharmaceutical companies massive tax cuts with his GOP tax scam for the rich.

“Drug companies hiked prices on more than 850 prescription drugs in the first six months of this year alone.  Now, the bill is coming due on four years of caving to Big Pharma, and Trump thinks he can trick seniors with a one-time coupon paid for with their own tax dollars.”