Dear Colleague on House-wide Diversity Compensation Study, Next Steps on Diversity Efforts

September 26, 2019
Press Release

Dear Democratic Colleague,

In July of this year, staff participated in a House-wide survey on compensation, benefits and demographics.  The web-based survey was sent to all 10,356 House of Representatives staff across all Member Offices, Committee Offices, Leadership Offices, and House Officer Offices.  A total of 5,290 House staff participated in the survey for a response rate of more than 51 percent. 

The survey was conducted in accordance with the FY19 Legislative Branch report and House Rules for the 116th Congress and administered by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).  It is reflective of the focus that we all share – ensuring that the House community reflects and embraces the diversity of our nation.  We believe in the strongest possible terms, that our diversity is an undeniable strength and the failure to embrace that strength does a grave disservice to the People’s House and the American people that we have all sworn to serve.

The final survey report has been completed and is available for your review below.  Survey results will be incorporated into a series of recommendations to help enhance diversity and inclusion across the House. 

In the near future, we will announce the launch of the House Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), an initiative that was included in the House Rules Package passed in January of this year.  Findings outlined in the Diversity Compensation Study will serve as key guideposts for the ODI, as will guidance from the Caucuses that represent the scope and breadth of diversity throughout the House community.

Furthermore, as part of this broad commitment to diversity across the House, the Democratic Caucus will soon officially adopt a process similar to the Rooney Rule in our Caucus rules, a hiring practice that specifically includes a diverse pool of candidates for all staff vacancies.  The Committee on Caucus Procedures has been leading the review of this proposal.

We look forward to sharing additional information about these important initiatives.

Thank you for your leadership.




Speaker of the House


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House Democratic Caucus Chairman


Chair, Committee on Caucus Procedures


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