175 House Republicans Voted to Block Relief for Hurricane Ida and Wildfire Survivors

September 30, 2021

From the Speaker’s Press Office:

Thousands of Americans in California, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are struggling to recover from this summer’s devastating hurricanes and wildfires.  But Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and 173 other House Republicans voted to leave them in the cold.

This afternoon, McCarthy led the majority of his conference in attempting to block $28.6 billion in relief for the victims of Hurricane Ida.  

NPR Baton Rouge

As it stands, most in southeast Louisiana have power restored, but especially those residents in the state’s river and bayou parishes are still without basic necessities.

“We continue to press FEMA every single day for them to make the decisions necessary and pull the triggers in order to move these assets and get this program started,” Edwards said during the Tuesday press conference.

Fewer than 8,000 customers remain without power in the state after Hurricane Ida, concentrated in Grand Isle and other parts of Jefferson, Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes, Edwards said. More than 17,000 service members with the National Guard remain activated.

The state has cleared debris from about 21 percent of the roadways in areas affected by the storm, and 314 people are still being sheltered in seven shelters across the state, Edwards said.

San Francisco Chronicle:

Billions of dollars that could cover the loss of burned vines and smoke-tainted wine grapes. Hundreds of millions to help with drought, and hundreds of millions more for hazardous fuels management.

With funding set to run out next Thursday, Democrats drafted a bill to keep the federal government open for another year. That bill is paired with a $28.6 billion supplement for disaster relief, including recent wildfires, drought, hurricanes and floods, and $6.3 billion to support Afghan evacuees.

House Republicans have spent the week fighting to hurt servicemembers, seniors, and working families.

On Wednesday, House Republicans voted to kill 6 million jobs, freeze military pay, and cutoff Social Security checks by voting to default on our debt.

With today’s ‘no’ vote on disaster relief, House Republicans also voted to shut down the government and stop paying millions of government employees.