Trump Violates the Constitution, Lavish Properties are a Cesspool of Corruption

September 4, 2019

President Trump is violating the Constitution by making money off of his lavish, ritzy resort properties, ultimately prioritizing his profits over the interests of the American people.

First, Trump suggested holding the G7 Summit at his Doral golf resort in Florida. 

Now, the White House is walking back their previous statements that Trump personally suggested Pence stay at his Doonbeg hotel in Ireland, which would be yet another example of the President’s self-dealing. 

Vice President Pence promised that their Administration would defend the Constitution and stand by a “strict constructionist” interpretation of the Constitution.  Instead the Trump-Pence Administration is ignoring the text itself and selling out the Constitution to line Trump’s pockets. 

Trump properties are a cesspool of corruption, a black hole for taxpayers’ money, an exploiter of immigrant labor and a national security threat with a suspected foreign spy walking the halls.  Here is just some of what we know about the extent of the corruption at Trump’s properties:

  • Violating the Constitution, Emoluments Clause: President Trump is violating the domestic and foreign emoluments clause of the Constitution by accepting and encouraging foreign governments to pay to stay at Trump resort properties without Congressional approval.  More than 200 Members of Congress are fighting in the courts to defend our Constitution and put an end Trump’s abuse of power.
  • Influence Peddling: Three members of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago inner circle of billionaire donors have undue influence over policy, projects and decision making by VA leadership, including impacting a $10 billion dollar contract.
  • American Taxpayers Footing Bill for Trump’s Extravagance: According to the GAO, Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago cost, on average costs $3.4 million per visit and his golf outings have cost taxpayers at least $105 million as of July 2019 due to security expenses, travel on Air Force and Marine One and the frequency of his games.  
  • Trump Exploits Undocumented Workers: For decades, the Trump organization exploited undocumented immigrants to pad its bottom line.  It did so in possible violation of civil and criminal law.  And yet, the Trump Administration hypocritically attacks immigrants to score political points and refuses to work constructively with Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform that would help bring undocumented workers out of the shadows.
  • Suspected Chinese Spy Causes National Security Threat at Mar-a-Lago: Trump’s properties are a national security risk, between a “credible threat” of espionage when a suspected Chinese spy gained access to Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s reckless handling of sensitive information during publicly-attended events at his properties. 

Pence is just the latest Republican elected official to enable President Trump’s violations of the Constitution – and his corruption, self-dealing and lack of regard for the rule of law to threaten our national security, cost American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and diminish the stature of the United States.

The American people deserve a government that serves their interests, not one that’s being exploited to line the President’s pockets.