Pelosi Statement on Labor Day

September 7, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released this statement to mark Labor Day:

“On Labor Day, we pay tribute to the working Americans who are the backbone of our economy and the foundation of our strength.  Over generations, the men and women of labor built the middle class and advanced progress and prosperity for hard-working families, fighting to secure the 40-hour workweek, fair wages and overtime, workplace safety, family leave and the right to collective bargaining. 

“House Democrats have always been unified in our commitment to America’s working families.  Since Day One, our Democratic House Majority has worked to deliver progress for hard-working Americans, including by passing a $15 federal minimum wage, paycheck fairness for women, legislation to protect pensions and landmark bills lowering health care costs, increasing paychecks and rebuilding America’s infrastructure.  We take particular pride in our success in passing the PRO Act, to strengthen collective bargaining, give workers the power to override ‘right to work’ laws, and stop employers from meddling in union elections.

“Sadly, this Labor Day, America’s workers are facing the staggering assault on their health and economic security from the unprecedented coronavirus crisis.  Yet, with millions of workers still unemployed and millions more at risk of losing their jobs, Republicans and the Trump Administration continue to ignore the scale of the crisis and refuse to lift a finger to help working families.  We must act quickly and decisively to defeat the virus, provide critical financial relief to state and local governments to preserve jobs, and keep workers safe with strong OSHA protections.  During this difficult moment for America, Democrats remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering the support and relief hard-working Americans need and deserve as we build on our achievements and advance an economy that works for everyone.”